Welcome to The IQ Hub.It’s the platform for one who always want to learn and grow in their daily life routine. In today’s life we do get updated with the scenarios going on with the World currently but they’re so long and in paragraph versions that we don’t get time to read it, sometimes it actually is a major issue for most of us where as WE AS A TEAM PROVIDE YOU THE TAILOR-MADE MARKET REPORTS IN DEPTH OF THE KNOWLEDGE so that one don’t stop on exploring and learning at the same time on the other hand we also provide forecast of future trends.

We provide and offer you up to date perspective about Current affairs with short term historical and forecast trends. We provide a independent and comprehensive research platform. The motive of our team is to provide people knowledge and TO PROVE THAT WE ARE FREE OF COST we promote learners and give them an opportunity to be updated with the world. SECOND reason why you should choose IQ HUB is because we provide an ease form of research we biforcate different news industry and provide them in different month basis so one should have ease to remember or comfortable with our search engine. We personally believe that knowledge should be the first source and priority.

Where as GENERAL KNOWLEDGE helps to grow your confidence level and may prove to be of some great help in some important events of out life’s like INTERVIEW. The word GENERAL KNOWLEDGE holds of many different things, as opposed to DETAILED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT JUST ONE SUBJECT, G.K is the minimum knowledge a person should have for a living like CURRENT AFFAIRS G.K also holds some criteria of those aptitude test it’s a wider term as it also includes all the historic events too.

WE provide you all of this in a well mannered way so that you can devlop your personal skills and knowledge free of cost. We believe in no disturbance so there won’t be any adds shown like other applications or the sites


Our motive is to provide the knowledge to it’s best, simple and a friendly way so that the students can actually perform well in their test and the adults gaining knowledge interest is actually uplifted because

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” ―Abigail Adams.