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The Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) which is first of its kind in the country will be jointly set up by World Economic Forum and Guidance in Tamil Nadu.

The Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for Michigan is a multi-stakeholder collaborative ecosystem focused on positioning Michigan as a global leader for advanced manufacturing, established jointly by Automation Alley and the World Economic Forum, which runs the Global AMHUB Network.


AMHUB is one among the nineteen platforms that have been designed by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Tamil Nadu’s nodal investment promotion agency called Guidance will also be joining hands with WEF. This manufacturing hub focuses on

  • To Address Regional Opportunities.
  • To Engage regional production and
  • To the Challenges brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

India’s Manufacturing sector0

India is the fourth largest automobile industry in the world, second largest in manufacturing cement, and is also one of the top three aluminium producing country in the world. The small car manufacturing sector in India is emerging as a major exporter. The assembly in the electronics sector has also taken a major leap. India is the second-largest steel producer in the world.

Inline, India has become the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world.  The trigger factor for high manufacturing are-

  • Availability of skilled labour,
  • Low-cost steel availability,
  • Robust research and development (R&D) centres and
  • A broader consumer base in rural and urban areas.

Key Points:

  • AMHUB is one of the 19 platforms designed by WEF.
  • This platform focuses on engaging entire regional production ecosystems to identify and address regional opportunities and challenges brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) by amplifying regional success stories, sharing best practices and incubating new partnerships.
  • AMHUB will engage directly with other AMHUBs through WEF’s network to share best practices globally.
  • Tamil Nadu will utilize AMHUB to adopt IoT and other emerging technologies for advanced manufacturing to sustain and create new avenues of manufacturing growth.
  • Advanced manufacturing will boost the end-to-end manufacturing of high-tech and high-value products in Tamil Nadu and shape the future of advanced manufacturing and production.

Why it Matters?

The World Economic Forum has recognized that Michigan has maintained the highest level of engineering talent post-recession relative to other states and, through recent collaborations, has consistently witnessed a shared engagement among manufacturers on matters of critical importance to Michigan’s future manufacturing leadership.

Michigan has an innovative spirit that defined the state’s manufacturing industry for decades. However, while numerous Michigan manufacturers have taken steps to adopt smart technologies on their factory floors, no one company, organization or entity can single-handedly create an environment to ensure its future position as a global leader. Partnerships between players throughout industries and sectors drive innovation. As technology increasingly disrupts existing industries and creates new products, services and business models, the AMHUB Network will be critical to ensure that favourable policies and investments are in place to support advanced manufacturing.

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